Time Management

Time Management

Effectively managing your time is an excellent skill. It involves planning and exerting control over how much time is devoted to particular tasks, with the goal of increasing effective and efficient output.  

Premier Associates, LLC programs are compelling training programs. Attendees will learn to effectively manage their time by utilizing strategies  like setting goals, prioritizing tasks and  overcoming procrastination.

You may select from an array of training programs. They are all created to work independently, or to supplement any of the “Corporate Explorer Training Team Building” workshops. These workshops are all fast paced, exciting and challenging, filled with excellent tools and systems designed to improve your skills and achievements.

Along with Time Management we also offer:

  • Small Business Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Team Building and Management
  • Motivations

With the implementation of our time management skills workshops, members learn time and organization skills to achieve success.  Making lists and working to deadlines can become a thing of joy.  Getting organized is a challenge for many people.

It’s really freeing to learn the art of delegation, limiting intrusions, keeping clutter to a minimum, shortening the “to do” list and getting more completed every day. You’re not alone in your quest to get organized.

You too will learn how to delegate, limit interruptions, and eliminate those piles of clutter on your desktop, reduce your computer’s to do lists and get more work accomplished each day.

The advantages of choosing our training are:

  • Integration of established time management techniques
  • Maximizing efficiency in the workplace
  • Learning to prioritize to optimize
  • Dealing with procrastination
  • Building the confidence to say ‘NO’
  • Improving work capability long term
  • Developing strategies to deal with interruptions

We tailor the Time Management Training to fit your requirements.  The classes are held, either at your company offices at the time of your choosing or, your employees may participate in classes of their own choosing. Contact us for more information at 248-821-7100